Tuesday, January 20, 2015

America the story of US

North America is the ultimate land of opportunity. Jamestown had been one of the first colonies in America, but they built Jamestown in the middle of Native American's land. The Jamestown citizens had a period of time known as the starving time. A few men were killing their families and eating them. Native Americans and the citizens of Jamestown became enemies. John Rolfe brought tobacco to America, and tobacco became a big part of Jamestown. Everybody wanted it, and most people planted it. Rolfe later marries Pocahontas, a Native American (the chief of the tribes daughter). People came from West Africa to America after they heard about new land in America, and about the patriots fighting for freedom. Another group after John Rolfe came to America, and they were called pilgrims.
People that came after Rolfe either stayed in Jamestown or went to another colonie/town (Virginia). The mayflower was the ship that the pilgrims sailed on, they were on their own now. They sailed here wanting to land on the Hudson River, but they are a lot farther away from the Hudson River. The soil is poor, and food supplies they brought were running out. More than half of the pilgrims died because of the food problems. There were 2 or 3 dieing a day, and at times there only 6 fit enough to keep working. For some time Plymouth brought the sanctuary they wanted at first, but like Jamestown some other people were here first. The Native Americans. Diseases were really common around this time. For example, small pox and more. Some people were still considered to be British, but after every generation more and more the roots of the British are disappearing (Thinking like Americans, not the British). Later there was more people coming here. John Hancock and his men came here. At first, the British think they are just some smugglers. The King still wants the people to pay taxes. In Boston there is 1 redcoat for every 4 citizens. Paul Revere road ahead of the British to warn the people that the British are coming. Boston and the 13 colonies are an econoic powerhouse.
African Slaves are brought to American colonies because they needed people to work on the large plantations in the South.

Some people from the colonies have been getting fired. A angry protest starts growing because they think the British had something to do with them getting fired from their jobs. In the protest When the Bristish started shooting at the angry protesters, a protester named Crispus Attucks died instantly. Along with a few others, and this is known as the Boston Massacre. Before the British even knew about the Boston Massacre, most of America already knew.  Rebels through tea into the Boston Harbor, and the british responded by shutting down the Boston Harbor. Hundreds of people lose their jobs, and this is called the Boston Tea Party. America is about to change forever. Many people have their attention on another trritory. John Adams, Patrick Henrey, and George Washington. Most people expect conflict, but people in Philadelphia want peace. Town Militia starts basic training. This is America's first defence. The towns militia is almost all of the farmers. Everytown among the 13 colonies have their own militia. The Bristish won't stand for any armed resistance. Orders are placed to arrest the rebel leaders. Next is the famous Paul Revere Ride. In Lexington, dairy farmers, shopkeepers, free africans are all lined up waiting for the british. John Parker is the commander or leader of the militia. He was once in the British. The first shot is known as the shot around the world. An African was the first shot. (Prince). The American Revolution has begun. The British tried to raid the militias things, but the rebels hid them all before the redcoats had looked for them. Giving more time for the patriots to spread the word. Their plan to defend their towns from the British has begun. Militia leader takes a bullet to the head, and he is now dead. The patritots end up winning freedom from the British control. 
The Boston Tea Party. 
This is all I had from the movie we watched. 

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