Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Break Narrative -

Winter break was awesome because we were able to sleep in, and we had no homework. That was
 one of my favorite parts of winter break. My absolute favorite part was seeing my great-grandpa Johnny. He lives in a nursing home in Tiffin, and he absolutely hates it. I think he's 93 or 94 right now, and he is really funny. He always tells my grandma, "I think a man down the hall stole my shirt." She at first thought it was funny, but then she was started getting irritated because he wouldn't let the arguement go. Her words after she was irritated were, "I am sure he didn't steal your shirt. You write your name on them, and lots of people have the same clothes." 

We usually have Christmas on Christmas Eve at my great-grandpa Johnnys house, but this year my grandma just put two Christmas trees up because she wanted him to feel at home. We were able to take him out of the nursing home for only a couple of hourst, but he loved it anyway.  Since he has been in the nursing home, he teases my grandma because he knows she wouldn't let him do it. He says, "I'm going to marry a younger girl who can take care of me until I die, and then i'll give her my house for free." It was funny because I know he would really do it, if my grandma would let him do it. 

Some more news is that my aunt Kasey is pregnant again, and the baby's another girl. She is supposed to be due on my birthday, April 24th. I hope not because I already share my birthday with another cousin of mine named Summer. Kasey and Rick are naming their baby Adeline Marie. I'm not sure how they are going to spell it though, if you can even spell it different. 
All in all winter break was really fun, and I had a good time. I can't wait for another break because school takes a lot of my time with the whole being here for 7 hours a day and all the homework. 

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