Monday, February 9, 2015

"Shutdown Week"

"Shutdown Week" is very useful to students. I want shutdown week to happen because we need to find a healthy balance and use books more often. We should, not that anybody wants to. We need to take more time to learn the subjects lesson, and make sure we understand fully then just move on to the next unit. When we are using computers there is a good chance that we just say we understand it to move on because nobody likes this subject/unit.

Shutdown Week would be a good thing because using electronics (such as computers) to learn will not help us learn to our full extent. In the article, Is Google Making Us Stupid? it had said, "If we're distracted, we understand less, remember less, and learn less." Yet again from the article, Is Google Making Us Stupid? (goes along with the first quote), "When we use our computers and cell phones all the time, we're always distracted." I am probably 75% distracted when I am on the computers doing school work. Why? Because you always think about what you could be doing that is more enjoyable than what you are doing. I do agree with Is Google Making Us Stupid? because I think google is making us think a little superficially. “So even as Google is giving us all that useful information, it’s also encouraging us to think superficially.”

Using electronics (such as computers) can help us learn more things way faster than it could learning things from a book. That is indeed true, but how many of us remember what we read online? Sure we might remember silly facts, but who really remembers what we are supposed to know? In the article, Is Google Making Us Stupid? for the NO argument it had said, "Suppose I'm interested in the guidance computers on Apollo spacecraft in the 1960s. My local library has no books on that specific subject just 18 books about the Apollo missions in general. I could hunt through those or turn to Google, which returns 45,000 pages, including a definitive encyclopedia article and instructions for building a unit." How much of that information is actually correct in those 45,000 pages of information?

The internet might NOT be right because the internet is just a bunch of people posting things they READ from a book or their opinions. I know everybody would rather get their homework done fast (unless you like homework), and hope it’s right instead of taking the time to make sure your answers are correct. I’m guilty of this too, but who wants to read through all those books to find an answer? I might do that if the work is worth a lot of points, but we should do that always. Make sure our answers are correct from the book or our minds.

All in all, I want "Shutdown Week" to happen because I do not like doing homework or quizzes/tests on computers. I prefer paper, but using computers is a faster way to school work. "Shutdown Week" would be very useful to students because we need to think on our own without using computers, but there will be disadvantages. I'm walking on the fence here. I don't necessarily think we don't need to use them at all for a week, but we do need to put down our electronics. We all need to learn how to balance the real world and electronics because I'm sure we've all been guilty of sitting for hours on the computer. (iPad, iPod, Phone.)

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  1. I think this looks great but I noticed in the 2nd paragraph, 7th line you spelled google like goo3gle. I also noticed that in 2nd and 3rd paragraphs the first sentence is almost the same.