Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Video/Quote Of The Week

I am honestly grateful for the things I have in life, but doesn't everybody at least once wish they had something better than they have? I'm grateful because I have a house over my head and food to eat. Yes I do think people should stop complaining and start thinking about what they have in life and stop thinking about what they don't have, but is it going to happen? No. From now on, I am going to think about what I have to be grateful for or start thinking about what I have that other people don't have. In africa they don't have clear water and there is starving kids too. 

I have really nothing to complain about, but there are poor people in America. So I get it if they complain about not having enough food to feed their kids (or even theirselves) or something. That video can help people learn to appreciate what they have in life. 

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