Thursday, March 19, 2015

Robert Smalls Essay

Robert Smalls
Robert Smalls
     Robert Smalls is a hero who should be remembered. He not only freed a group of slaves and his family, he showed the world (or people who read his story) that forgiveness is needed in this world. If a slave could forgive his slave owner than people can forgive their friends or family for mistakes. To forgive someone who kept away his freedom must have taken a lot of courage to do, and just for that he is a hero in my eyes because not a lot of people can forgive a person who did that much damage in  their life.

     Robert Smalls is a hero to many because he freed his family and his crew of slaves. "On May 13, Robert put the plan in motion. Captain Relyea left for the night. Robert waited until the harbor was quiet, and then ordered his crew to fire up the ship. They picked up Hannah and the children (Robert Family) at a wharf where they were hiding. (If the plan should fail, Hannah had said, "It is better that we die together.") Robert wore Relyea's hat and jacket to fool the guards. It worked . . . until the Planter reaced out of the harbor." That is just one reason he should be remembered as a hero.

     What Robert Smalls did is very hero-like because he didn't only free his family, he freed a crew of slaves. Not many people would even try to escape alone but with a crew? Thats admirable. It had to take a lot of courage and bravery to do what he did. "The southern ships bombarded the Planter with gun and cannon fire, but it was too late. The Planter was soon under the protection of the Northern fleet. The Northern commander was incredulous when he met the the Planter's crew: all slaves. Except they weren't slaves anymore. Robert, his family, and the crew were free."

     Even if the plan did fail, to me, Smalls would have still been a hero because he tried to do something about the way he was living his life. He wanted to be free, and he ended up being free along with his family and crew because he did something about it. His courage, determination, and mind set was probably a huge help in his plans. How many people would conduct a plan that could kill you if the plan failed? Not many but he did it anyway, and to me, that alone is a reason he should be remembered. 

     Another reason Robert Smalls is a hero is because he took care of his slave owner/master. He didn't have to, but he did. She lost everything (even her husband) and she was sick, but he still took care of her. Do you know how many people would do that? Probably one to none because if somebody took your freedom and your familys freedom, wouldn't you want revenge? He is a hero because he forgave, but he probably didn't forget. Yet he forgave. The hardest thing to do in life is forgive and move on (not counting little mistakes). 

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