Wednesday, April 15, 2015

200m Freestyle Summer Olympics Swimming

I picked the 200 meter Freestyle Swimming mens and women's for my project. Swimming is in the
summer Olympics, and is usually a one man/women sport. Or in other words; Individual sport. If you want to win a swimming competition, you need to be a fast swimmer because the fastest swimmer is the winner. A freestyle in swimming is swimming how you want to. You could swim with a backstroke, butterfly, or even a breaststroke. For training you would need to work out your upper body strength and your cardio. You need to work out your upper body strength because your arms help you swim faster, and you need cardio because you don’t want to be wore out when you are competing. It will slow you down. To get better training would be going to the gym. I can't give you an example because I have never gone to a gym before. I just know what the workout machines look like, not what they are called.

I created two scatter plots for the 200 m Freestyle mens and women's swimming. I learned that swimming doesn’t have a lot of scattered data, and the data is pretty constant. All of the data was higher than a minute, but lower than two minutes. For the men, the data usually went to be about one minute and forty-seconds to one minutes and fifty-seconds. For the women, the data usually went to about one minute and fifty-seconds to one minute and fifty-nine seconds. Like I said before, the data is pretty constant. All of the opponents are seconds off from beating their competitors.

The men’s correlation was negative because as the years increased the time decreased throughout the history. The women have no correlation because the data decreases and then increases and then decreases. I decided the correlation from the line of best fit from the scatter plots.

In 2016, I think the times for the olympic 200 meter Freestyle swimming will go down. I know that, but I don’t know how much. I think the times will go down at least two-seconds, but it’s hard to tell. It really depends on hard the swimmers train because training makes a big difference.  

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