Monday, April 13, 2015

Interview with Mrs. Cherry King

Madison and I interviewed Mrs. Cherry King. Cherry King is an Author who wrote Hurricane Hill Road, but before writing this book she was a school teacher. She taught English/Reading (ELA) at South Central Local Schools for 30 years, and she then wrote a children’s book with her mother. Later when her mother passed away in 2002 she wrote Hurricane Hill Road as a healing process. She started writing the book in 2003, and it took her 10 years to write this book and it was just published in 2014.

I encourage you to read Hurricane Hill Road because it is a really good book. My favorite part was the ending, and if you are going to read the book expect a lot of surprising events. This book has true events in it, but Hurricane Hill Road is fiction because there ARE imaginary events and people. An example is one of the main characters named Jim, but if you watched the interview that piece of information has already been said.

The things I would change that we did in the interview was the introduction because we didn’t
do a good job at introducing ourselves. I would also change how I was kind of jumpy, but that was because I was excited. In some parts of the video our words weren’t perfectly clear in the audio, and lining up the video and audio was really hard. After many attempts, we finally lined them up! Other than a couple of mistakes here and there, I think we did a good job. We had a lot of fun during the interview and with this new experience, but we had a bit of trouble with contacting people. The first person we tried to interview couldn’t help us because they were too busy but that’s okay.

We learned that when writing emails you have to get straight to the point and make it short besides adding a little compliment here and there. Emails are kind of old fashioned (not really, but you get the point), but really helpful in these kind of situations where you have to contact and get in touch with people you don’t know. We learned that not everybody has enough time to help other people because they have a busy life. I would rather interview a person using skype then actually be in the room with them (for dorky reasons). We also learned more about being a professional in a field we are interested in (as a hobby only)! We learned that it takes a lot of time in writing a book, and a lot of thought to make it exactly how you want it to be and how we need to add a few surprises here and there. I also learned that we need to do what we love and what we are good at if we want to be happy in life. We enjoyed this project a lot, and thank you Mrs. Cherry King for this interview.

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  1. I like your questioning about the book especially the steps to write and her ideas on writing a book. I think this interview is very special to you, but to Mrs. King as well. The interview was very professional and I thought your last question was excellent.