Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Is Facebook Making You Mean?

Facebook has good and bad qualities. A disadvantage about facebook is that people cyber bully. It doesn't matter what about at least one person will write a mean comment every once in awhile. Facebook, in my opinion, is kind of dumb. (Not sure if we are allowed to say dumb.) Not that I don't not like it, I used to have an account, and it was pretty much all drama. I don't think facebook nessecarily makes us mean, just brings out the bad side of people. If you can't see them, then it isn't bullying. Right? In the article, "Is facebook making you mean?", "You don't see the impact of what you write," says Beth Yohe. 
The good thing about facebook is that when you need to talk to long distance friends, you can. I used to have a friend named, Samantha, and she moved to a different state. We don't talk anymore, but we did for a couple of months. Over facebook, not a phone or email. I have a friend named Racquel, and we talk over the phone sometimes, but mostly we talk on Facebook. (Before I forgot my username and password.) Facebook is also another good way to make bordem go away for a couple of hours, but that is about the only good thing about it. 

Facebook CAN bring out somebody's bad side becasue sometimes a person is shy, and they don't like comfronting people. Still, Facebook is a bad way to confront people because it is in a way just cyber bullying unless you are polite about your point. In the artice, Is facebook making you mean?, "But the words you post, typed with barely a thought, are out in the world forever."  People also shouldn't type something unless they know the facts becasue that is just rude and immature. It all depends on who is on facebook because not everybody is the same with the way they deal with stuff. In the article, "Is facebook making you mean?", "Devon says the boy is a quiet kid, always really sweet. She points out that lots of kids act differently on facebook thatn they do in person." 

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